World of Wine – Vila Nova da Gaia
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This new attraction in Gaia opened in 2020 on the Rua do Choupelo, next to the Taylor's cellars, and took five years to complete. WOW pays homage to the region's relationship with wine-making as well as other regional industries. The World of Wine was conceived by the Fladgate Partnership, the name behind well-known port brands like Taylor’s and Croft in addition to several hotels in Portugal, including the famous Yeatman Hotel close by. The whole site cost 120 million Euros and is one of Europe's largest tourism developments.

Covering an area of 55,000 sqm the site includes a multitude of various experiences, including seven distinct museums, 12 restaurants, bars, cafes and a wine school. WOW is housed within tastefully restored Port warehouses and from the central square offers spectacular views over the Douro river and the Dom Luís I Bridge. The attractions here will appeal to dedicated oenophiles and novices alike, with highlights to suit all ages.


The Chocolate Story is an immersive experience that follows the story of chocolate from bean to bar. Discover where the cacao trees grow, and the associated farming methods and learn about the 5,000-year history of chocolate making. Browse the interesting artefacts from ancient Central and South America accompanied by a soundtrack of jungle noises.

On-site there s a small chocolate factory where you can witness the process for yourself and savour the final results for yourself. There's a chance to buy the Vinte Vinte brand in the dedicated shop. Head chocolatier Pedro Martins Araújo has created a Grand Cru series of bars made from incredibly rare and unusual beans for a unique, luxury-tasting experience.

Daily: 10h00 - 20h00

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This new eccentric museum is loud and proud pink. This sensory experience immerses visitors in the world of Rosé wines. All your senses are treated to enjoyable experiences that aim to educate as well as entertain. You'll learn all about the history and methods employed producnng Rosé wines and the culture and lifestyle associated wth these colourful products.

Each room is a different experience, including one containing a pool of pink balls, a giant champagne bottle and one upside-down room. The pink Palace has plenty of photo-sharing opportunities with selfie opportunities in every corner. Along your adventure through the Pink Palace, you'll have the chance to sample five different rosés: Quinta do Vale do Bragão Rosé, AIX Gran Vin de Provence Rosé, Mateus Rosé, Cartuxa and Croft Pink Rosé Port.

Daily: 10h00 – 20h00

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WOW - wine school


The Wine School at WOW holds regular workshops and tastings designed for those curious about wine, connoisseurs and professionals. Designed to offer as much information as possible, in a digestible way, the Wine School is the perfect place to learn all about Portuguese wine and also about wine in general. The Wine School at WOW seek to offer tasting and learning sessions to customers who are looking to learn about wine in a more relaxed environment. The wines can be accompanied by small food dishes, with some unique wine pairings designed by their team of wine educators. The Wine School also offers exclusive and personalised tasting experiences with exceptional wines, all in a private environment. These tastings can be adapted to individual interests.

39 Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
41° 08' 06.6" N | 08° 36' 47.8" W
+351 220 121 226 | |  Website



Venture on a trip through Porto's history and discover why the city is how it is and why the city's people are how they are. See for yourself the ups and downs of Porto's fortunes, from its foundation, its reverses of fortune, its conquests, and the explorations and conflicts that have defined Portugal and shaped Porto's distinctive character. The Porto Region Across The Ages (PRATA) makes a great starting place for any Porto adventure and gives an insight into the warm friendly nature of the inhabitants of the region.

The museum employs various mediums to give its visitors an immersive and engagging experience. Climb abord a full-size replica Porto tram and glimpse the history of this city from a more in-depth perspective. Travel as far back to the neolithic period and watch Porto's history unfold stage by stage.

Daily: 10h00 – 20h00

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More than just a stopper for a bottle of wine, cork is a very versatile and environmentally sustainable product that has seen a resurgence in usage as the world looks for more eco-friendly materials. By a large margin Portugal s the world's largest producer of cork, accounting for over 50% of global production, harvested from more than 730 hectares of forest. Planet Cork demystifies Portugal's cork industry and explains in a surprisingly fun way the impact this incredible product has had on our everyday life. Explore the history of cork production from the ancient exploration of the cork oak to the most varied and modern applications – from NASA's rockets to the largest music recording studios.

Amongst the imersive exhibits at Planet Cork, you'll discover your weight in cork stoppers, explode a street in New York or envision yourself living in a cork fortress! Come and discover how far the cork industry reaches and discover the secrets of the incredible world of cork!

Daily: 10h00 – 20h00

Port Tasting


Dedicated to both amateur and experienced wine enthusiasts alike, The Wine Experience aims to unveil the mysteries of wine for all. Undertake a voyage of discovery that explains how wine is produced and how the terrain, climate as well as grape variety have a defining effect on the finished product. From root and vine to grape and glass, understand how these processes combine before putting your acquired new knowledge to the test and discovering your own preferences. Finally, we explore the richness and diversity of the wine-producing regions of Portugal, a unique country producing almost every style of wine. This in-depth experience will teach you to employ all your senses, increasing your knowledge, appreciation and enjoyment of drinking wine.

Daily: 10h00 – 20h00

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Since the dawn of human existance, about ten million years, mankind has been drinking alcohol. the Bridge Collection is a permanent exhibit of drinking vessels spanning millennia at the World of Wine museum, the oldest being about 9,000 years old. This comprehensive collection brings back to life the culture and customs associated with drinking, it's daily use, the rituals, festivals and celebrations. The collection displays over 2,000 goblets, horns, bowls, glasses and urns from around the world including the Roman Empire, the Chinese Kangxi Dynasty, and the Mughal Empire. There are pieces that served the important purpose of intoxicating some of history’s most famous figures; like Alexander the Great. This extensive assemblage is the obsession of Adrian Bridge, CEO of the Fladgate Partnership and tells the story of humanity through the evolution of drinking, from the earliest civilisation to modern times.

Daily: 10h00 – 20h00

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This new space in Vila Nova de Gaia's World of Wine complex is a move away from the oenological themes of the other museums on the site. Its sole aim is to set the stage and showcase Portuguese fashion, national footwear and the masterful art of filigree, as a tribute to national talent. Explore the museum and discover all about the textile industry in Portugal. Learn about the steps needed from the processing of raw materials to obtaining the thread, through weaving, finishing, making the garment and ending with the creative shop window display. At the Fashion Museum, you'll learn the role Portugal has in the industry. Many of the country's cities grew alongside the fashion factories and brands.

This multi-million museum covers an area of about two thousand square metres over two floors. The first floor is dedicated to Portugal's textile industry and the importance this sector had in the economy of Northern Portugal, and the country as a whole. Discover the timeline with the most relevant chronological moments in the history of the Portuguese textile industry from the 16th century to the present day. Here too there are several workshops and a showcase, which reveal the production processes from spinning, weaving, and dying, to production and display.

The second floor is dedicated to Portuguese fashion design, national footwear and filigree. Here you will be able to appreciate iconic pieces by Portuguese designers, from the 1980s to the present day. Current-day designers have their own dedicated show areas with works by Eduarda Abbondanza and Mário Matos Ribeiro, Ana Salazar, José António Tenente, João Tomé and Francisco Pontes or Manuela Gonçalves. Other renowned designers have their creations on display such as Miguel Vieira, Luís Buchinho, Nuno Baltazar, Fátima Lopes, Maria Gambina, Filipe Faísca, Luís Carvalho, Anabela Baldaque, Diogo Miranda, Hugo Costa, Alexandra Moura, Ricardo Preto, and Carlos Gil, among others.

Emerging young designers also have their own platform, discovered through the Bloom and Sangue Novo (New Blood) schemes, of the fashion events Portugal Fashion and Moda Lisboa, respectively, such as Estelita Mendonça and Gonçalo Peixoto.

Daily: 10h00 – 20h00


T & C Restaurant

T & C Restaurant

WOW is much more than just museums, it is a complete cultural district championing Portuguese produce. A total of twelve restaurants and cafés offer variable dining experiences that suit all tastes, preferences and budgets, many have some of the best views in Vila Nova de Gaia.


Located on the ground floor of the Wine School T&C serves traditional hearty Portuguese dishes that will certainly satisfy even the largest appetite. The restaurant occupies a terrace outside a former port cellar that creates the perfect ambience. The star of the menu is T&C's notorious Francesinha, made with Port wine sauce rather than the traditional beer gravy.
Weekdays: 12h00 - 15h00/18h00 – 22h00, Weekends: 12h00 – 22h00

Root & Vine

Root & Vine is dedicated to vegetarian cuisine and relishes turning the finest and freshest local ingredients into works of art. The variation of dishes available is astonishing, and the palette of colours on the plate is as diverse as the buildings viewed across the riverbank opposite. Root & Vine also cater for those with special dietary requirements and intolerances.| Daily: 12h00 – 23h00

Golden Catch

The Golden Catch shares the same outside terrace as Root & Vine and celebrates the treasures of Portugal's long coastline. Traditional dishes receive a modern makeover here and The Golden Catch is one of the best establishments in Porto dedicated to seafood. Try the two-storey platter that presents the best Portugal can offer; from oysters from the Ria de Aveiro to clams à Bulhão Pato.
Weekdays: 12h00 - 15h00/19h00 – 23h00, Weekends: 12h00 – 23h00


PIP is a family orientated restaurant that creates hearty meals to suit all generations such as pizzas, hamburgers and pasta dishes. The restaurant utilses a former historic winery and its beautifully decorated. The stone oven produces some of the best pizzas in the area.
Weekdays: 12h00 - 15h00/19h00 – 23h00, Weekends: 12h00 – 23h00

Mira Mira

Fine dining can be found at the Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum. Mira Mira is an haute cuisine restaurant whose menu is prepared with strict nutritional care with a meticulous choice of ingredients. Enjoy sharing tapas-styled dishes with a healthy twist. | Tuesday – Friday: 19h00 - 23h00, Weekends: 12h00 – 23h00, Monday: CLOSED

PIP Restaurant

PIP Restaurant

1828 Steakhouse

1828 Steakhouse

VP Lunch

VP Lunch

1828 Steakhouse

Once hailed as the best meat in the world the famed El Capricho matured steak can now be enjoyed in Porto, at the 1828 steakhouse. The cattle from Galicia in Spain and the Minho are slowly reared with meticulous care. The meat is then expertly prepared and left to slowly mature. Enjoy the best steak you'll ever have in elegant surroundings whilst taking in breathtaking panoramic views over Porto and the Douro river below.
Tuesday – Friday: 19h00 - 23h00, Weekends: 12h30 – 15h00/19h00 – 23h00, Monday: CLOSED

Angel's Share

Now you have visited the Wine Experience and have become a wine expert, you can now put your newly acquired wisdom to the test and taste some of the best wines of the world by the glass at Porto's top wine bar. The wine can be paired with an accompaniment of cheese and cured meats. The atmosphere is very relaxed and jovial as people savour the refreshments whilst marvelling at the views from the terrace on the second floor above the main square.| Weekdays: 11h00 – 21h00, Weekends: 10h00 – 21h00.

Vinte Vinte

Although Vinte Vinte is part of the Chocolate Story museum, it's free to enter for all those who wish to sample the gourmet delights within. There's a wide selection of pastries, cookies and confectionary made on the site for you to enjoy. There's an array of hot drinks to choose from as an accompaniment or try some port pairings that are to die for.
Weekdays: 11h00 – 21h00, Weekends: 10h00 – 21h00.

VP Brunch

Although VP prides itself on its selection of brunches there are other larger meals available on the menu. If you arrive at WOW hungry then VP makes the ideal location to start your visit. Items on the menu vary from Portuguese favourites to international cuisine. The large terrace has amazing views overlooking Porto which embellish the dinning experience.
Daily: 10h00 – 18h00

If your schedule is too busy for a full dining experience at WOW then why not head to the Suspiro café close to the main ticket office? Here you'll be tempted by gourmet desserts and coffee. Where as the Lemon Plaza café serves traditional Portuguese snacks and light meals.


The Yeatman Hotel has a close association with Port and Portuguese wines and its shop, which is open to the public, holds in stock an impressive 1300 labels. If you need help with your selection, be it for a souvenir, present or wine choice, their Shop specialists and Sommelier team will be delighted to provide personalised advice. The Yeatman's key aim is to be the ambassadors for Portuguese wine and arrange the international shipment when necessary. The Yeatman Shop also carries a wide variety of wine accessories and Portuguese products reflecting Portuguese life, culture and flavours.

The Yeatman is also considered one of the best of Porto's Hotels. Along with their luxurious service, amenities and two Michelin star restaurant, they also offer package programmes offering tours to Taylor’s Port Wine Cellar with Port wine tasting and a three-course lunch, as well as other discounts.

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The Yeatman Hotel


WOW - Terrace

WOW - Terrace

The WOW complex is about fifteen minutes walk up from the riverfront in Vila Nova da Gaia, via the Igreja Paroquial de Santa Marinha church.
Bus: 900, 901, 906 takes you from Porto to VN Gaia | Timetable | STCP Website

Metro: General Torres (Line D) | Timetable | Metro do Porto Website

Train: General Torres (Aveiro Urban Line) | Timetable | CP Website

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39 Rua do Choupelo, 4400-088, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. | 41° 08' 06.4" N | 08° 36' 46.7" W
+351 220 121 200 |  Website


Half-Day Tour - Port Wine Cellars & Cheese Tasting

Half-Day Tour - Port Wine Cellars & Cheese Tasting

If you are looking for a tour of the entire city of Porto without spending much time and money, this tour is ideal for you. With your guide, you will discover the most iconic and important points of the city while stopping to learn how the famous Port Wine has been produced and matured for so many years. An old city full of contrasts, Porto's historic centre is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site where all architectural styles blend in one place. After travelling about the history of the city, time to stop and taste the diversity of Portuguese cheeses through a brief explanation of how they are made and have become so famous.

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Cálem Cellars Guided Tour and Chocolate and Cheese Tasting

Cálem Cellars Guided Tour with Chocolate and Cheese Tasting

Explore a huge selection of the most iconic wines, paired with finger food. In the guided visits to Cálem Cellar, learn about the Douro Demarcated Region and how the Port is produced. Discover the details in the history of this house. The cellars themselves remain active whilst being open to the public. Then, you will be invited to a Cálem wine tasting of Cálem Late Bottle Vintage, Cálem Vintage, and Cálem Colheita. With your guide, learn some more Port secrets and pair your wines with goat cheese Transmontano, cheese from S. Jorge Island, chocolate tartlet black and chocolate milk, and crackers and compote.

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Fado in Porto: Calem Wine Porto Cellars Visit

Fado in Porto: Cálem Cellars Visit

Fado is an important part of the collective Portuguese soul, born in the taverns of the 19th century and an iconic symbol of the Portuguese culture. This 55-minute programme includes a visit to the Cálem wine cellars to learn about ancestral traditions. The visit is followed by a tasting of two ports (white and special reserve), which are served to you as you enjoy a Fado performance. The Fado performance features both male and female singers accompanied by traditional Portuguese guitar and classic guitar. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear to the music and experience the soul of the country.

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