Távora-Varosa Wine
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In the far northeast of Portugal, north of the Douro region, one finds the wine region of Trás-os-Montes. It is divided into four sub-regions: Chaves, Valpaços, Varosa and Planalto Mirandês. The name Trás-os-Montes (behind the hills) refers to the region’s location: beyond the Marão and Alvão mountain ranges, north of the river Douro. It is an area of mountains and granite soils. The climate is dry and very hot in summer, but temperatures go below 0ºC in winter.


Trás os Montes Wine

The range of wines from the Trás os Montes is as diverse as the landscapes. The region produces a whole range of wines from somewhat stringent and very alcoholic red to light sparkling or semi-sweet floral whites. Trás-os-Montes wine is divided into three sub-regions of varying landscapes and climates:

IPR Chaves

This area has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic period. The two municipalities included are Chaves and Vila Pouca de Aguiar. The best vineyards are in the area of Ribeira de Oura on the slopes of the River Tamega. The region is also famous for its Spa waters. The red wine is firm and dry with a moderate body.

IPR Planalto Mirandes

Bordered on the east by Spain, it covers an area of the upper part of the River Douro. It includes the municipalities of Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Miranda do Douro, Moncorvo, Mogadoura and Vimioso. Some of the inhabitants of the area speak in a local dialect called "Mirandês". The upper section of the river is now a Nature Reserve. The red wine is light, nicely palatable and ages well. The white wine is lively, fresh, and slight petulance.

IPR Valpaços

The area lends itself to be described as a plateau with cold winters and warm dry summers. The towns covered are Macedo de Cavalheiras, Mirandela, Murça, Valpaços and Vinhas. Its red wines are light, fruity in aroma and dry, often taken as a companion to a special cake from the region known as "Folar".

Vinho Regional (VR) Transmontano

Those wines of good quality from the Trás os Montes that don't adhere to the stringent DOC restraints or outside the designated areas.

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Trás os Montes Wine


Private Guided Tour in Chaves

Private Guided Tour in Chaves

Get to know the beautiful town of Chaves from a locals point of view in this private guided tour. The tour is tailor-made according to your requirements and the schedule fits into your holiday plans. The guided tour begins with a tasting of our Pastel de Chaves` - IGP, a delicious minced veal puff pastry. You'll visit the keep of Castelo de Chaves, in addition to the National Monument and Military Museum, which is a fantastic viewpoint from which you can enjoy beautiful vistas.

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Douro Valley Small-Group Tour with Wine Tasting, Lunch and Optional Cruise

Douro Valley Small-Group Tour + Wine Tasting, Lunch and Optional Cruise

Go wine tasting amid the vineyard-clad hills of the Douro Valley, a World Heritage region famous for Port wine production. Feast on regional specialities with a traditional lunch in the scenic village of Pinhão and visit two wine estates as an introduction to award-winning local varietals. Upgrade your full-day tour from Porto with a sightseeing Rabelo boat cruise on the Douro River. This small-group tour is limited to eight people for personalised attention from the guide.

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Off The Beaten Track Douro Valley Tour - Private Tour

Off The Beaten Track Douro Valley Tour - Private Tour

This all-inclusive tour is an adventure for all your senses! Pick up from your hotel, travel to Peso da Régua and visit a winery with Port wine and olive oil tastings, with explanations from a winery member. Miradouro (Panoramic Sightseeing over the Douro River) with a Chapel. Visit the Medieval Bridge and Tower of Ucanha Village. Lunch in a nice local restaurant, with delicious traditional food. Visit the Visigothic Chapel of Balsemão. The journey continues to Pinhão along the N-222 (considered the best road in the world) Visit the Pinhão Railway Station with its historical tiles.

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