Wine Tasting in Porto
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Porto is the perfect get-away destination for oenophiles. In addition to the world famous fortified Port wine for which the city is famed for and lends it's name to, the city also lies within the Vinho Verde wine region and a short distance downstream from the excellent Douro wine region. Everyone knows about the Port lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia buy also situated around Porto are some great places to become acquainted with local wines…


Wines of Portugal Tasting Room

Wines of Portugal Tasting Room

The Wines of Portugal Tasting Room

The Wines of Portugal's brand spanking new tasting room in the downtown district of Porto is a great way for visitors to experience the pleasures of the region's wines. Similar in style to it's sister branch in Lisbon, there's ample room here to accommodate many people without a feeling of being crowded. There are four dispensing machines offering the tourist a free choice of 30 wines which represent the individualistic characteristic of Portuguese wine regions. Purchase the rechargeable smart card and make your selection from the dispensers. There are also a number of tasting options at various prices for groups of up to ten people.

Weekdays: 09h00 - 13h00/14h00 - 18h00, Saturday: 09h00 - 13h00, Sundays: CLOSED
8-12 Rua das Flores, 4050-262 Porto, Portugal.
41º 08" 37.3' N | 08º 36" 50.6' W | +351 223 323 072 | | Website

Sogevinus Wine Shop

Sogevinus Wine Shop

Sogevinus Wine Shop - Porto

The latest Sogevinus project is located in one of the oldest stores in Rua das Flores, one of Porto’s quintessential streets. The building dates back to 1523, when the street had just been opened, and has now been lovingly restored. In this swanky space, you will be able to taste wines and pair them with chocolate and cheese. There is a vast wine cellar which features all Vintage Port wines from all Sogevinus’ brands. You can also enjoy wines by the glass and cocktails made with Port, and combine them with other Portuguese produce such as cheese or custard tarts. Here you will find other delicacies, like chocolates, herbal teas, tinned food, biscuits and jams, as well as olive oil, which you can taste.

Wednesday – Sunday: 10h00 – 13h00/14h00 – 19h00, Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED
64 Rua das Flores, 4050-262, Porto, Portugal.
41º 08" 37.3' N | 08º 36" 50.6' W | +351 913 980 411 | | Website


The Wine Experience Entry Ticket at WOW


With this entrance ticket you can gain entry to the The Wine Experience at your leisure. Buy online before you arrive to avoid queues and have the convenience of the e-ticket on your phone. Book with confidence with FREE CANCELLATION.

WOW Porto - The World of Wine, Rua do Choupelo, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
41° 07' 55.4" N | 08° 36' 46.9" W

Mad About Porto

Discover the World of Wine – The Wine Experience with this entry ticket to the museum and tasting experience. Embark on a voyage of discovery to learn how wine is made. See how the environment, climate, and grape variety have a defining effect on the wine you drink.

Dedicated to both amateur and enthusiasts alike, this wine experience aims to demystify wine for all. Learn about the different wine styles, what differentiates them, and most importantly, how best to taste them.

From root and vine to grape and glass, understand how the intricate processes of wine production combine before testing your own palate and preferences to understand which styles of wine you prefer and why.

During your visit, explore the richness and diversity of the wine-producing regions of Portugal, a unique country producing almost every style of wine.

End your experience with increased knowledge of everything involved in the winemaking process. Enjoy an activity aimed at enhancing your enjoyment of wine and helping you feel more confident when choosing wine, whatever the occasion.

Daily: 10h00 - 19h00 | From €20.00 per person

The Porto & Douro Wine Institute (IVDP)

The Porto & Douro Wine Institute (IVDP)

The Porto & Douro Wine Institute (IVDP)

The Porto & Douro Wine Institute (IVDP) have a promotion area in its building at Rua Ferreira Borges. It includes a wine shop, tasting room and a visit tour aiming to show the process of Port and Douro Wine certification. This is a combined space of reception, tastings, visits and wine sales, allowing its visitors to have first contact with the Douro Region, commented/guided Port Wine tastings, visits to the areas where laboratory and sensory analysis for the wine certification are made, and a shop that offers one of the best selections of Port and Douro wines in the city, at very reasonable prices.

Weekdays: 11h00 - 19h00, Weekends: CLOSED
Loja de Vinhos do Douro e do Porto, Rua Ferreira Borges 27, 4050-253, Porto, Portugal.
41° 08' 40.95" N | 08° 36' 56.0" W | +351 222 076 310 | | Website

Portologia Porto (La Maison des Porto)

Portologia Porto

Portologia Porto (La Maison des Porto)

Close to the popular Ribeira district this unpretentious wine bar have 200 plus opened bottles ready for tasting. Portologia is a great opportunity to sample Ports and table wines from lesser known and smaller producers. There's a choice of different tasting options at varied tariffs. If you find your perfect wine you buy a bottle and even have some shipped home.

Daily: 11h00 - 00h00
28 Rua de São João, Porto, Portugal.
41º 08" 30.1' N | 08º 36" 48.5' W | +351 222 011 050 | Website

Touriga Vinhos de Portugal

Touriga Vinhos de Portugal

Touriga Vinhos de Portugal

Located in the downtown district this traditional wine shop is a treasure trove of Portuguese wines. There's always bottle open for sampling and the shop offers various set guided tasting options. The proprietors are passionate about the produce they sell and are dedicated to promoting and marketing local wines. Their enthusiasm is contegeous and are more than happy to advise you on which wines best suit you. Touriga also offers a shipping service to Europe, America and Asia.

Monday to Saturday: 10h00 - 13h30/14h30 - 20h00, Sunday: CLOSED
32 Rua da Fábrica, Porto, Portugal.
41º 08" 50.6' N | 08º 36" 46.5' W | +351 225 108 435

Port Lodge


In a class of its own, Port is a unique fortified wine style hailing from the spectacular terraced vineyards of Portugal's Douro Valley. It has inspired imitations from many of the world's wine regions, but much as with Champagne, none of the competitors can match a top vintage Port from a good producer. Port is a unique wine style that derives its flavour, strength and sweetness from the process of adding spirit to still-sweet part-fermented grape must.

Across the river from Porto is the historical city of Vila Nova de Gaia which has gained notoriety from the Port trade. It is within the 18th century streets of Gaia where Port companies have their lodges, the warehouses where the wine is aged and blended. The vast majority of the lodges are open to the public for tours and tasting. Typically they operate without prior booking between May and October yet some are closed on weekends. The duration and quality of tour varies with each company however all are informative and are good value for money. Usually the entrance fee is deducted from the cost of any purchase you make. Have a look at our detailed guide to Gaia's port lodges…

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Largo da Ponte Luís I, VN Gaia | Website



344 Avenida Diogo Leite, VN Gaia | Website



5 Rua da Fonte Nova, VN Gaia | Website


346 Rua Serpa Pinto, VN Gaia | Website



412 Rua Barão de Forrester, VN Gaia | Website


70 Av. Ramos Pinto, VN Gaia | Website



141 Rua do Agro, VN Gaia | Website



312 Avenida Diogo Leite, VN Gaia | Website



670 Rua Candido dos Reis, VN Gaia | Website


54 Rua do Choupelo, VN Gaia | Website


Porto Augusto's

8 Rua França, VN Gaia | Website

Porto Cruz

23 Largo Miguel Bombarda, VN Gaia | Website



77 Rua de Santa Marinha, VN Gaia | Website

Quinta do Noval

356 Avenida Diogo Leite, VN Gaia | Website

Quinta dos Corvos

2 Rua Dom Afonso III, VN Gaia | Website

Ramos Pinto

400 Av. Ramos Pinto, VN Gaia | Website

Real Companhia Velha

314 Rua Azevedo Magalhães, VN Gaia | Website


526 Rua Cândido dos Reis, VN Gaia | Website


3 Largo Miguel Bombarda, VN Gaia | Website



250 Rua do Choupelo, VN Gaia | Website



16 Avenida Diogo Leite, VN Gaia

Sogevinus Wine Shop - Gaia

280 Avenida Ramos Pinto, VN Gaia | Website

Vasques de Carvalho

19 Largo Santa M.nha, VN Gaia | Website

Wiese & Krohn

149 Rua Serpa Pinto, VN Gaia | Website

Port Tasting


The Vintage House

The Yeatman ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Luxury wine hotel & spa, with incredible views overlooking Porto and the river

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Half-Day Tour - Port Wine Cellars & Cheese Tasting

Half-Day Tour - Port Wine Cellars & Cheese Tasting

If you are looking for a tour of the entire city of Porto without spending much time and money, this tour is ideal for you. With your guide you will discover the most iconic and important points of the city while stopping to learn how the famous Port Wine has been produced and matured for so many years. An old city full of contrasts, Porto's historic centre is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site where all architectural styles blend in one place. After traveling about the history of the city, time to stop and taste the diversity of Portuguese cheeses through a brief explanation of how they are made and have become so famous.

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Cálem Cellars Guided Tour and Chocolate and Cheese Tasting

Cálem Cellars Guided Tour and Chocolate and Cheese Tasting

Explore a huge selection of the most iconic wines, paired with finger food. In the guided visits to Cálem Cellar, learn about the Douro Demarcated Region and how the Port is produced. Discover the details in the history of this house. The cellars themselves remain active whilst being open to the public. Then, you will be invited to a Cálem wine tasting of Cálem Late Bottle Vintage, Cálem Vintage, and Cálem Colheita. With your guide, learn some more Port secrets and pair your wines with goat cheese Transmontano, cheese from S. Jorge Island, chocolate tartlet black and chocolate milk, and crackers and compote.

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Fado in Porto: Calem Wine Porto Cellars Visit

Fado in Porto: Cálem Wine Porto Cellars Visit

Fado is an important part of the collective Portuguese soul, born in the taverns of the 19th century and an iconic symbol of the Portuguese culture. This 55-minute programme includes a visit to the Cálem wine cellars to learn about ancestral traditions. The visit is followed by a tasting of two port Wines (white and special reserve), which are served to you while you enjoy a Fado performance. The Fado performance features both male and female voices accompanied by traditional Portuguese guitar and classic guitar. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear to the music and experience the soul of the country.

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