Muralha Fernandina
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By the time King Dom Fernando commissioned the building of these defensive walls, the existing boundaries of Porto had outgrown the original walls circling the area around the Cathedral. Construction lasted from 1368 until 1437. A few sections of these Fernandine ramparts still exist and accessible to visitors.


Trecho dos Guindais

Trecho dos Guindais

Escadas do Caminho Novo

Escadas do Caminho Novo

There were over 2500 metres of enclosing battlements constructed with an average height of ten metres. Topped by bastions, strengthened by turrets and rectangular watchtowers. These walls are best seen at Trecho do Caminho Novo in downtown Porto, the gate Postigo do Carvão in the Ribeira and the Trecho dos Guindais in the Batalha district.

Trecho dos Guindais

The Trecho dos Guindais part of the wall was restored in 1920 and are open to the public to walk along. The views from here gives an unique view of the Luis I bridge and River Douro below.
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Funicular dos Guindais

The Guindais funicular railway descends 61 metres (200 ft) down the steep cliff from Batalha to the quayside at Ribeira opposite the bridge entrance. The three-minute journey is used by commuters and tourist alike. The original was built in 1891 however the present service dates from 2004. As the self-levelling cars descend it follows for a part the line of the medieval walls and gives a birds-eye view of the Dom Luís I Bridge and beyond over the quaysides of Ribeira and Cais de Gaia. The funicular is an ideal way to traverse the steep hill between central Porto and the Ribeira, saving time and tired feet.

It's operated by the Porto Metro company and accessed using the Andante ticket, allowing a trip on the funicular to be combined with a journey on the Porto Metro and selected bus routes.
Monday to Friday: 08h00 – 20h00, Weekends: 08h00 - 00h00

Trecho do Caminho Novo

The western section of the Muralhas Fernandina can be seen up close by climbing the steps (Escadas do Caminho Novo) which join the riverside off the Rua Nova da Alfândega, with the Largo São João Novo, next to the Capela Nossa Senhora Esperança and runs along the length of these old defensive walls. Many of the structures, including walls and towers, are integrated into the buildings of the old town.

Yellow Bus Tour


Porto City Tour Full Day with Lunch (optional) and Wine Tasting

Porto City Tour Full Day with Lunch & Wine Tasting

Uncover the mysteries of Porto on this full-day sightseeing tour with lunch. Meet your guide and spend the day travelling through the city's charming corridors, compelling neighbourhoods and seeing its historic landmarks. Learn about Porto's history, including the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Douro River and much more. Then, enjoy a traditional local lunch and continue your journey to the Sé Cathedral, São Bento Railway Station and more. This is the best tour for first-time visitors to orient themselves to many of Porto's wonders. See the city through the eyes of a local.

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Porto and Matosinhos Small Group Tour with Douro Cruise, Lunch and Wine Tasting

Porto and Matosinhos Small Group Tour

The most complete one day tour to the cities of Porto and Matosinhos. A professional guide in a new comfortable vehicle equipped with air-conditioning will accompany you on a journey you will never forget. You will get to know the most emblematic places and understand the whole history that surrounds this city. Lunch will take place at a typical restaurant. We will visit the Porto wine cellars of one of the widely respected producers on a global scale. Being next to the Douro River you will then take a boat trip across the six bridges. Leaving the historical centre behind we will head to Matosinhos, a city that borders north with Porto known for the beauty of its beaches, connection to the sea and by the famous acronym WBF - World's Best Fish.

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